Upgrade Your Fountain Pen

There are few things in life that truly surpass the joy of writing with a fountain pen. The feel of the nib as it glides across the page. The way the pen itself makes you slow down and consider your words more carefully. More than any other tool, it is a trusted friend that can accompany you for years, if not a lifetime. If you’re already a fountain pen fan, then you may think it’s time to upgrade your fountain pen. Both aesthetically, and in terms of usability, there is huge variety out there, with something for every taste, style and budget. But watch out, some additions can be costly.

Go For Gold

Parker Duofold 'Craft of Travelling' Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Gold is a precious metal valued throughout the world, but never so much as in the nib of a fountain pen. It is durable enough to last a lifetime, but also soft enough to quickly adapt to your unique writing style. A perfect pen upgrade for the budding writer.

  1. Pelikan Classic Special Edition M120 Iconic Blue Fountain Pen £127.99

With its 14k gold nib, high-quality barrel and piston fill mechanism, this distinguished pen gives a modern twist to an iconic style. One to treasure for decades.

  1. Waterman Exception Slim Black Lacquer Gold Trim Fountain Pen£340.00

An 18k gold nib is complemented by a 23k gold trim. A classic style that will go the limit, this is a choice that won’t look out of place on an executive desk. Perfect for celebrating a promotion.

  1. Visconti Divina Black Fountain Pen £647.10

Whilst not using a gold nib, this pen utilises an even more premium metal, Palladium, which is stronger, more flexible and more corrosion resistant than its beloved gold counterparts.

A Flattering Finish

Cross Century II 10k Filled/Rolled Gold Fountain Pen

From precious woods to rare metals, there are many premium finishes that are perfect if you’re looking to upgrade your pen. Choose an aesthetic that makes your new pen stand out from the crowd, to elevate a moment of introspective solitude or provide a perfect conversation starter.

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